Public Ministry to reopen investigations of currency crimes


Public Ministry to reopen investigations of currency crimes

Caracas, 24 Ago. AVN.- The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP, Spanish acronym) will reopen investigations involving companies that misused preferential currency, whose cases were dismissed during the management of the previous directive of this body of the Moral Power, said current General Prosecutor, Tarek William Saab.

“We have agreed to fresh start these cases. I could say that the criminal action of the previous MP’s board was aimed at punishing private individuals, extorting and protecting large corporations and powerful groups,” said the prosecutor at a press conference aired by state media.

Saab denounced that 80% of the cases opened by scams to the National Foreign Trade Center (Cencoex) was dismissed, a fact that represents an act of protection to large companies and power groups by the previous administration of the Public Ministry, whose head was former prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice.

He explained that only 20% of those investigated, most of them natural persons, were accused of this kind of exchange rate crime. “80% of large corporations and big businesses that cheated the nation were not investigated, and she just attacked insignificant, natural people, known as raspacupos,” he said.

He said that two weeks after he was named Prosecutor General, a large number of irregularities have been evidenced, “cases that were buried and there was no criminal action of any kind, linked to extremely serious issues for the Republic, such as cases of corruption, scams to Cencoex, Cadivi, and drug trafficking. We have achieved this thanks to the cooperation of many officials of this MP, who were not members of the corruption mafia of the ex prosecutor,” he said.

Discredit campaign

The prosecutor condemned the campaign of discredit that Ortega Diaz has launched from abroad against the Bolivarian Revolution and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, and called on the countries to know the truth about the engagement of former prosecutor with the network of corruption and extortion forged during her management within the MP.

“We are talking about very serious crimes: cases linked to human rights violations, corruption, drugs, and the negligence with which they acted here. All this deserves to be known by the public, by the international community, because the reality is reality,” Saab said.

He also reiterated the responsibility of Ortega Diaz in the seditious plan that for three months sectors of the opposition undertook against the country to cause social and political destabilization.

“Each of her statements caused crimes, dead people which will remain in the history of Venezuela. Here, with evidence in hand, we are unveiling something that must be disseminated and known by the entire international community. We are talking about an ex prosecutor who was removed from office for having committed serious offenses, and that she ceased her functions in the most lethal terms because she did not have a dignified exit,” he explained.

He also regretted that many serious crimes worthy of investigation and punishment were shelved during Ortega Diaz’s administration.

“It’s one thing to report on Twitter and another very different is what we find in reality. There were no accusations, no crimes, no apprehension, no commitment,” he said.

He reiterated that in only two weeks of management –and starting from the results from exhaustive investigations, one of them the network of corruption linking the husband of Luisa Ortega Diaz, German Ferrer– five officials of the Public Ministry are already arrested.

“What was lost for nine and a half months in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, we will recover it. The dirty war is returned to the one who promotes it, and it is returned in a great way,” he said.


The cases and investigations concerning seizure of controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking drugs could have been used, during Ortega’s management, to extort those involved.

“Between January and July of this year, how can it be understandable that there were more dismissals of alleged drug traffickers than accusations? How can that be explained? There were 5,458 dismissals, and 4,467 charges. This deserves, at least, be investigated and explored,” the prosecutor said.

He explained that they have found behaviors and actions that are indicative of premeditated negligence in criminal investigation processes, which could be used to extort defendants.

“We will review this year’s files to corroborate if they (last administration) have been acting with negligence in the investigations, to reopen each one of these cases. The ABC of any criminal investigation was not fulfilled, only some actions were randomly done and at the end of the month only the accused were dismissed. I wonder: because of this irresponsible previous management of the MP, how many drug traffickers are free and their cause is dismissed, damaging the Venezuelan youth?” he said.

24/08/2017 – 02:13 pm

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