Non-aligned countries unify against unilateral sanctions


Non-aligned countries unify against unilateral sanctions

Caracas, 22 Sep. AVN.- The 120 nations that make up the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) strengthen their ties to face the unilateral sanctions and other actions promoted by imperial agents to bend initiatives that stimulate a multipolar scenario, said the head of the Presidential Commission to the Non-Aligned Movement, Samuel Moncada in New York, USA on Wednesday.

In statements aired by state media, he explained that several of the members of the world’s largest political movement have been victims of actions aimed at violating their political, economic and territorial integrity for not subjecting themselves to imperial centers.

He further said the agreement approved Wednesday by the NAM given the siege experienced by Venezuela, a nation that chairs the movement and faces a blockade imposed by the U.S., repudiates the aggression to a peaceful country that “they want to turn it into a target of attack.”

“The U.S. has a warlike attitude and thinks that militarizing diplomacy is going to achieve something,” he said.

22/09/2017 – 04:07 pm

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